Spring Clean-Up

As far as lawn care goes, Spring Clean-Ups are a Must!

They are very important because it gets the thatch, or dead grass barrier, picked up so vital moisture and nutrients can get to the root system to help your lawn grow lush and green much quicker and can also help with winter mold issues.


The main piece of equipment, besides the mower itself, is the thatcher. It mounts on the front of the mower and gently rakes in front of the mower deck to loosen up the thatch and matted grass like a fine toothed comb to be picked up with the bagging system mounted on the back of the mower.


The back pack blowers are used to blow the leaves and debris away from buildings, landscaping, and trees left over from full or blown material from neighboring yards. Everything gets blown out completely on the property to ensure you are left with a truly clean-cut lawn.

Dump Trailers and Vac.:

For Cleanups all debris and leaves are picked up and taken off the property to be disposed of properly. Mounted on the back of the 14’ vented-enclosed dump trailer is a debris vac/loader to ensure all of the debris from your property can be taken away in one trip neatly and cleanly without leaving a dusty mess behind.

Fall Clean-Up

Fall Clean-ups are also very important to the overall health and wellness of your yard. Though it takes much of the same equipment as a spring cleanup (minus the thatcher) there are some attachments and machines I use exclusively for fall cleanups. The majority of leaves are picked up much easier in the fall. Because they are typically dry and mulched up and bag and vac better because of it rather than waiting till spring to do all of the leaf pick-up when they are many times soggy and partially decomposed. The special equipment I use exclusive to fall cleanups is my walk-behind blowers and leaf plow.

Walk Behind Blowers:

The walk behind blowers I have are a 9hp and 14hp Billy goat walk behind blower. I use these to get out in unideal wind direction situations or to move long or large leaf piles quickly and efficiently across a longer distance.

Leaf Plow:

The leaf plow I have has fingers like a conventional yard rake and mounts on the front of the mower like a plow and also used to move large piles of leave to be vac’d efficiently.